Free rental on road

Why not rent a 2- or 4-seater CanAm Maverick xds buggy for a few hours?



Type de vehicle Price
Buggy 2 seater 1/2 day


CHF 219.-
Buggy 2 seater 1 day


CHF 349.-
Buggy 2 seater 2 day


CHF 698.-
Buggy 4 seater 1/2 day


CHF 239.-
Buggy 4 seater 1 day


CHF 369.-
Buggy 4 seater 2 days


CHF 739.-
OPTION 1 / Delivery costs if departure outside Lutry


CHF 149.-
OPTION 2 / Tyre and belt insurance (per day)


CHF 39.-



  • Place of departure: Lutry (other city on request)
  • Signature on the spot of our general conditions and the rental agreement
  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • Payment by cash or debit card before the rental
  • Deposit of CHF 2’000.- in cash or by debit card
  • Deductible of CHF 2’500.- in case of accident or damage
  • Produce on the spot your Swiss driving license and your identity card
  • 2-seater vehicle with limitation to 65 km, 4-seater with limitation to 25 km on the road.
  • !! Cross driving is not permitted!! No insurance cover!!


Our location


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More details

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Localisation : Lutry Vaud

We are extremely close to the lake Léman in the middle of the wineyard.

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Whenever you are ready

Depending on weather conditions, we are open all year long.

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Special request

Our prices are on request for this type of very special event.


Other activities

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