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Whatever your choice at Buggyt, we will provide you with complete equipment. A helmet and a combi suit are required to safely enjoy the Buggyt experience.



Our vehicles are checked regularly by our workshop mechanics, and the rules of operation set by the manufacturer are followed exactly. In addition, every day a visual check is carried out in order not to spoil a second of your pleasure.



Before each departure explanations are given on the basics of the use of the buggy. The vehicle will no longer be a secret to you and all you have to do is enjoy your ride.

Although similar to cars, buggies have quite a different behaviour. It is therefore essential to fully adhere to all the rules of good conduct as well as the traffic regulations.






Website: www.fvs.ch

Swiss Federation of bike : https://www.swissmoto.org/fr/home

Fédération Suisse de moto – FMS: https://www.swissmoto.org/fr/home
The FMS, the Swiss Motorcycling Federation, a non-profit organisation, is the body that manages motorcycling sports at the national level. It includes 160 affiliated clubs, 2 cantonal federations, as well as individual members. Several championships are managed, in the fields of television rights, marketing and promotion, by contractual partners.

The FMS is regulated by its statutes and its specifications, the championships by the legal code and the regulations specific to each discipline as well as by technical regulations and codes (medical, disciplinary) of general scope. Its various executive, legislative and judicial bodies work towards the development and improvement of the practise of motorcycling sports.

The FMS also deals with motorcycling in its non-sporting aspects: tourism, road safety, and it provides benefits to its members. It is also dealing with aspects related to the environment (environmental regulations) as well as to the development of motorcycling in general.

It is represented in various working groups in Bern and is a member of the Swiss Olympic Association, the European Motorcycling Union and the International Motorcycling Federation.

Website : https://www.swissmoto.org